In the UAE, there is a detailed plan to reopen the national economyImage Credit: Supplied

Resuming the economic activities in a country is not a simple decision to take amid the coronavirus pandemic, nor is it an easy task. It is a tough call that has to take into account not only the public health concerns but equally important the economic health of a nation.

The closure of borders, lockdowns, shutting down business outlets such as malls and restaurants, suspension of schools and public events have plunged the global economy into deep recession. Businesses around the world have incurred unprecedented losses. Millions of people lost their jobs.

The lockdowns may be eased but the coronavirus threat is very well alive and present

– Gulf News

Therefore, an increasing number countries have decided to lift some of the containment measures they had imposed in the past two months, to stop the spread of COVID-19. Even in Europe’s hotspots such as Italy, Spain, the UK and Germany, life has started to resemble in some sort the pre-virus days, albeit cautiously. Borders are being reopened and lockdown measures are being steadily eased. Shopping outlets and restaurants are now open.

That is a tough decision these countries had to take to regain their economic health and save the livelihood of millions of families.

Detailed plan to re-open

In the UAE, there is a detailed plan to reopen the economy. Dubai has already announced some initial steps to restart some sectors such as airlines, retail, food and beverage and recreation. As a regional and international business hub, reopening the Dubai economy is important to the entire world.

Nevertheless, the process to reopen the economy in any country is not a license for all to go back to our old habits and ignore the strict health rules and hygiene guideline that are in place. The lockdowns may be eased but the coronavirus threat is very well alive and present.

Keeping yourself and family safe is ultimately your responsibility. The government has provided all the health facilities, ensured easy access to testing and treatment, made sure medical gear such as face masks and gloves are widely available and issued all the necessary instruction and rules to keep the nation safe. But keeping safe is our responsibility.

As the economy starts to reopen and businesses resume normal hours, we need to ensure that we follow the rules in malls and in the streets- keeping our face masks on, wearing gloves, keeping the required distance, avoid crowded areas and of course continue to wash our hands frequently.

The crisis will end and normal life will resume. There is no doubt about that. But we should not let go our health precautions.