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Sep 17
Top 10 Greek places you will want to go back to – Rhodes

The island of the Knights! Rhodes has a reputation of having one of the best-preserved…

Sep 07
HACC New York and Mykonos – Santorini -Aegean Islands Promo set the promotional plan for 2019 – 2020

The Chairperson of Board of HACC New York, Mrs Nancy Papaioannou met with Chamber’s…

Aug 26
Top Ten Reasons To Visit Santorini!

Santorini is a unique island formed by the volcanic erruption in ancient years. It is…

Aug 24
Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Go to Mykonos For Your Next Vacation

Whether you’d like to travel to the cosmopolitan Mykonos with the amazing nightlife or…

Aug 17
17 of the most secluded beaches in Greece

It’s no secret that Greece boasts some of the most stunning stretches of sand in the…

Aug 14
Five reasons Greece is such a popular holiday destination

Millions of tourists flock to Greece each year for their summer holiday and it’s not…

Aug 07
Qatar’s traditional sailboat ‘Al Mubaraki’ to dock at Piraeus Marina Zeas on Wednesday

The Embassy of Qatar to Greece will organise an event for the arrival of Al Mubaraki…