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Aug 17
17 of the most secluded beaches in Greece

It’s no secret that Greece boasts some of the most stunning stretches of sand in the…

Aug 14
Five reasons Greece is such a popular holiday destination

Millions of tourists flock to Greece each year for their summer holiday and it’s not…

Aug 07
Qatar’s traditional sailboat ‘Al Mubaraki’ to dock at Piraeus Marina Zeas on Wednesday

The Embassy of Qatar to Greece will organise an event for the arrival of Al Mubaraki…

Aug 05
Amazing archaeological discovery of 6th century BC anchor pole in Aegean Sea points to colossal ship

Five major ancient shipwrecks that carried amphorae and an anchor pole pointing to a…

Aug 04
Economic Sentiment Rises in Greece in July

The Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI) for the month of July in Greece recorded a…

Aug 01
Krama Restaurant & Michelin Awarded Chef Ioannis Parikos⁩

Star studded chef Ioannis Parikos, one of the most talented and respected Greek…

Jul 31
Ambassador to Athens: Greece is attractive to Qatar’s future investments

Greece is an important country, attractive to Qatar’s future investments, and…