Greek Tourism Strategy to Focus on Investments, Sustainability

Greece is preparing a 10-year national tourism development strategyfocused on high quality investments and sustainability, Greek Tourism Minister Vasilis Kikilias said this week.

In an interview to Newsweek, Kikilias said the tourism strategy was aimed at creating added value in tourism in the long term. Actions taken include reformsfacilitating fast-track investments and identifying key areas with significant potential on the Greek tourism market, including the upgrade and creation of new hotel units and spa facilities, enhancing the tourist product to meet the needs of high-end travelers, and modernizing tourist ports and marinas, theme parks, sports facilities and conference centers.

Greek Tourism Minister Vasilis Kikilias’ interview published in Newsweek.

Kikilias said the 10-year National Strategic Plan for Tourism Development 2030 is being drafted during a very difficult period in terms of challenges and competition and is aligned with the priorities of the European Recovery Fund.

Based on the emerging needs, new financial tools will become available, he said.

“The main pillars of the National Strategic Plan,” said Kikilias, “include product development and promotion, accessibility and connectivity, green infrastructure and sustainable tourism development, destination and experience management, tourism education and training, a revised regulatory framework and crisis management, with a holistic government approach.”

“These axes are necessary to improve the management and quality of our national tourist product,” he added.