An island of intense vegetation, Zakynthos, calms the mind and offers unique experiences for all. Ideal for families, young people looking for a great nightlife but also for nature, water sports and diving lovers.
On the southernmost island of the Ionian Sea, where the caretta-caretta sea turtle finds shelter for its eggs, with its beautiful rocky beaches, you will enjoy the most beautiful vacation of your life.

Stay in one of the high quality accommodation we recommend and start your excursions around the area. Visit Chora, the capital of the island with its many cafes and restaurants and unique architectural monuments and buildings such as St. Mark’s Square, Folklore Museum and Statue of Dionysios Solomos as well as the Church of St. Dionysios.

Enjoy scenic sunsets in Bochali, Kambi overlooking the Gulf of Fokia and Keri with the famous lighthouse, a tower 9 meters high. Dive into the blue and cool waters of the famous Navagio Beach, Gerakas and Long Sea Beach and the thermal waters of Xigia Beach. Dive to the bottom of Porto Limnionas Zakynthos and get your adrenaline rush with water sports and games on the beaches of Alykanas, Tsilivi and Banana.

Take a boat tour around the island to explore the Blue Caves, Marathonissi and Kerios Caves. Meet the verdant Zakynthos with its rich vegetation and natural beauties on horseback rides and experience a unique 15-minute ride in the sea.

As beautiful as the island is, its cuisine is also delicious. At the island’s restaurants you will find both traditional and many vegan and gluten-free options combined with local Zakynthian cuisine with premium olive oil, black currant and many different types of wine. Try olive oil and brisket, fresh creamy cheese and for your sweet tooth try the popular nougat and feta cheese and the semolina fried sprouts sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

Explore the “The Flower of the Levant” and enjoy an unforgettable experience!