Explore Tinos , the spiritual island of Cyclades, with its unique architecture is the ideal destination for pilgrims, families and art lovers.

Tinos island is located in northern Cyclades just above Mykonos. It is the place where the holy icon of Panagia (Virgin Mary) was found 200 years ago and the birthplace of the  most distinguished sculpture of modern Greek art, Yannoulis Chalepas.      

Tinos has many picturesque villages with unique architecture, traditional elements, narrow alleys and panoramic views. Do not miss visit Panormos, Dyo Choria (Two Villages), Chora and Tripotamos. The exotic Panormos, the secluded Apigania Beach and the popular Kolimvithres Beach are some of the many beautiful sandy beaches in the island with crystal clear waters.

Driving around you will see more than a thousand dovecotes, that are scattered around the island with their unique geometric patterns. Date back to 18th century, Venetians had the idea of breeding pigeons for their meat and produce organic fertilizer from their droppings.

 That’s why it is one of the most fertile areas in Greece. Nowadays, some of the ambadoned dovecotes have been transformed into traditional lodgings. In traditional restaurants and taverns you can taste the local cuisine, that is full of fish, vegetables, a wide variety of local cheeses such as analati, gruyere, kopanisti, tiniako and meat. 

Tinos is also destination for surfers and hikers. The strong winds blowing at the summer period in the Cyclades are ideal for surfers. If you would like to tame the waves of the Aegean sea,  “Megali Ammos” Beach in Kolymbithra is the place for you. For hikers and trekkers some ancient hiking trails are still  in operation as well as  beautiful routes that unveil the best of Tinos.

Tinos are full of resorts and traditional hotel lodges ready to accommodate and offer the best quality to every single visitor in the island.

Feel the spirituality of Tinos and have an unforgettable experience.