Rhodes: The best restaurants and taverns

The very touristic Rhodes is a place where its authentic, traditional cuisine is really thriving at the moment. So, don’t bother yourself with perusing old cookbooks or recipes online to find the perfect dish, just taste them at the local taverns and restaurants on the famous island.

This is quite a feat since this is a destination with countless all-inclusive hotels and a long tradition of serving an audience with very low expectations in terms of quality food. What’s even more impressive is that most restaurants that are making their mark are in fact located in the more popular, crowded, areas of Rhodes, either owned by chefs, of being part of hotel units. So, it’s very interesting to see how this started, when almost no-one knew about the local cuisine of this “tourist flagship” of Greece.

In 2014, local chef Giorgos Troumouhis travelled around every single one of the island’s villages, recording traditional recipes from old Rhodians, and used those recipes in his book “Makria Mirodia” – that’s how they call cumin in Rhodes, the most characteristic spice used in the local dishes. Then, in 2016, five-star hotel Elysium’s restaurant, Noble, located in the Faliraki area, premiered the first fine dining restaurant with emphasis on Rhodian cuisine, curated by Troumouhis and chef Stamatis Misomikes. And that’s how it all started.

Of course, the list of restaurants and taverns below is not definitive, there are many more in Rhodes worth visiting, but you can discover them on your own while exploring this wonderful island.

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Source: en.protothema.gr