Aegean Islands.Promo is the official website of the Greek South Aegean Islands Promo project, which promotes reliable and reputable businesses who offer high quality luxury services and authentic Greek Hospitality experience in targeted high profile audiences worldwide.❞

Our, and have become the reference point for many independent travelers, who seek information regarding the destinations and they represent the 57% of total visitors in Greece.

Explore more than one Greek South Aegean Island in your next trip

Search current website as well as, and to find reliable and reputable hoteliers, restaurant and bar owners, real estate agents, yachting and VIP luxury services providers from all our island – destinations.

Get more lifetime experiences by combining your visit to your favorite destination with short stay trips to other Aegean islands as:

the cosmopolitan Mykonos, the picturesque Santorini, the pure white island of Paros, the religious island of Tinos with its unique architecture, the dreamlike Serifos, the erotic Milos with unparalled beaches, the unique Andros, the incredible and undiscovered – even for Greeks- island of Astypalaia and the biggest island of Greece, the beautiful Crete.

Our aim is to provide accurate, valid  and up to date information about luxury stay, gastronomy, leisure activities and much more, in order  for our users to be able to organize their trip in detail and feel pretty sure they won’t face unpleasant surprises during their stay in our islands.

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We collect daily the most important social and business news from national and local news portals regarding South Aegean Islands, especially those  that highlight best practices and positive thinking.

Are you a reliable and reputable luxury travel provider operating in the South Aegean Islands and you want to grow your influence worldwide?

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Our team promotes your business in targeted groups worldwide with effective promotional tools.

Innovative technologies are being used in every aspect of our promotional activities, combining print with digital, as well as face-to-face meetings with social media.

Specifically, we promote our members:

  • in major travel fairs in London, Berlin, New York, Tel Aviv, Moscow, Dubai, Doha, etc.
  • through direct business meetings with representatives of major travel agencies and enterprises in the countries we visit,
  • through Mykonos Experience Events,
  • through associated Chambers of Commerce,
  • through email newsletters and social media.

The project includes,,

The Team

We focus our efforts to make it as simple as possible for everyone to use this website in order to maximize their value.


Kostas Skagias

Ambassador of Interconnections, Mykonos Based, Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce, New York (HACC New York)

The “soul and mind” of the Greek South Aegean Islands Promo project. Born and raised in Mykonos, he envisioned a project where all South Aegean islands would join forces in order to be better positioned in global market as luxury tourism destinations.


Notis Martakis

President, MTC Group

As an experienced communication and tourism marketing consultant, he is responsible for the branding and PR strategy of many well known destinations in Greece. Serving more than 40 years the tourism sector, both the private and the public one, he has represented Greece at international conferences and has rightly received significant honors, as a tourism expert and Professor, throughout his career.

Elina Gioti

PA to the MTC GROUP President

Georgia Papadea

Social Media Manager

Spyridoula Papadea

Client Service executive

John Krokos

Web Developer

Eleni Fragkaki

MTC GROUP Assistant for the Aegean Islands region, based in Mykonos

Aggelis Xydakis

Graphic Designer